The State of Science, Technology, and Innovation in Canada


CCA has been examining Canada’s science and technology (S&T) and research and development (R&D) strengths and weaknesses since 2006. By bringing together data and expert analysis to inform critical conversations about Canada’s future, the CCA reports tell a story of a country that excels in research but faces hurdles to greater innovation and productivity. This project will explore what’s changed, what’s stayed the same, and what the next chapter of that story may look like.

Our most recent report on the topic, Competing in a Global Innovation Economy, published in 2018, found that while Canada is a highly innovative country with a robust research base and thriving communities of technology start-ups, significant barriers—such as a lack of managerial skills, limited scale-up experience, and foreign acquisition of high-tech firms—often prevent innovation from being turned into economic and social benefits.

The S&T and R&D landscape in Canada has evolved significantly since 2018, with major technological advancements and a global pandemic that changed the way people live and work. A new assessment will identify emerging trends and developments in the Canadian innovation ecosystem, the extent to which barriers and knowledge gaps continue to impede progress, and potential opportunities for Canada.

The sponsor:

Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada

The question:

What is the state of science, technology, and innovation in Canada, and how does Canada compare internationally?


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