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Science Policy: Considerations for Subnational Governments Workshop Participants

A workshop was held over two days in November 2016 and brought together 16 experts from across Canada and the United States. The participants had expertise, experience, and demonstrated leadership in public administration and public policy, the science and innovation interface, the evaluation of science investments, and science culture. The complete list of workshop participants is listed below.

Allison Barr, Director, Office of the Chief Scientist, Ontario Ministry of Research, Innovation and Science (Toronto, ON)

Eric Cook, Executive Director and CEO, Research Productivity Council (Fredericton, NB)

Irwin Feller, Professor Emeritus, Pennsylvania State University (State College, PA)

Peter Fenwick, Member, A100 (Calgary, AB)

Richard Hawkins, Professor, University of Calgary (Calgary, AB)

Jeff Kinder, Director, Federal Science and Technology Secretariat (Ottawa, ON)

Robert Lamb, Chief Executive Officer, Canadian Light Source Inc. (Saskatoon, SK)

John Morin, Director of Policy, Planning and External Relations, Western Economic Diversification Canada (Edmonton, AB)

Nils Petersen, Professor Emeritus, University of Alberta (Edmonton, AB)

Grace Skogstad, Professor, University of Toronto (Toronto, ON)

Dan Wicklum,  Chief Executive, COSIA (Calgary, AB)