Paul Muldoon

Paul Muldoon

Environmental Lawyer (Toronto, ON)

May 11, 2009

Paul Muldoon is Vice-Chair of the Environmental Review Tribunal whose primary role is to adjudicate applications and appeals under various environmental and planning statutes.

Mr. Muldoon has served as Executive Director and Counsel at the Canadian Environmental Law Association; member of the Science Advisory Board to the International Joint Commission and; Executive Director and counsel at the Canadian Environmental Law Association (CELA). He was a participant in the review and implementation of the Canadian Environmental Protection Act; member of the Environmental Bill of Rights Task Force and; member of the CCME National Advisory Group to the Environmental Harmonization Accord.

Mr. Muldoon has written articles and books on a number of topics, including environmental rights, toxic water pollution, biotechnology, and international environmental law. He continues to teach courses related to environmental law at the University of Toronto and York University.

Mr. Muldoon holds a Master of Arts from McMaster University and a Master of Law from McGill University. He completed his undergraduate law degree at the University of Ottawa and a Bachelor of Arts Honours at Wilfrid Laurier University.

Role: Panel Member
Report: The Sustainable Management of Groundwater in Canada (May 2009)